14 february current affairs 2020

We are back again with mind-boggling current affairs quiz today. If you aren’t aware of the current affairs yet, we will help you find the right answers to the questions asked in any government exam. So, what are you waiting for, start playing today’s current affairs quiz 14th feb 2020 now.

1.Name the city which is hosting the 13th Unconvention on the Conservation of migratory species(CMS) (COP 13) 2020.
  • ATokyo
  • BMadrid
  • CMumbai
  • DGandhinagar


2.Which famous American personality was the producer of the oscar winning best feature length documentary, American Factory?
  • AHillary Clinton
  • BTiger Wood
  • CBarack Obama
  • DDonald Trump

AnswerBarack Obama

3.Name the bird to be claimed as a mascot of the UN Convention of the Conservation of Migratory Species (CMS) (COP 13).
  • AGreat Indian Bustard
  • BForest owlet
  • CLesser Florican
  • DWhite-bellied heron

AnswerGreat Indian Bustard

4.India has joined hands with which country to conduct a joint military exercise ‘Ajay Warrior’?
  • AFrance
  • BUnited Kingdom
  • CIsrael
  • DJapan

AnswerUnited Kingdom

5.On the performances of Central Public Sector Enterprise which Union Ministry released Public Enterprise Survey?
  • AMinistry of Corporate Affairs
  • BMinistry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises
  • CMinistry of Finance
  • DMinistry of Heavy Industries & Public Enterprises

AnswerMinistry of Heavy Industries & Public Enterprises

6.‘Reading Mission’ - an initiative for students was launched by which state government?
  • AWest Bengal
  • BKerala
  • CHaryana
  • DOdisha


7.Which date is observed as ' The World Pulse Day’?
  • AFebruary 8
  • BFebruary 9
  • CFebruary 10
  • DFebruary 11

AnswerFebruary 10

8.Name the Union Ministry which has launched the web portal for ‘Star rating of Coal Mines’.
  • AMinistry of Coal
  • BMinistry of Mines
  • CMinistry of Earth Sciences
  • DMinistry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change

AnswerMinistry of Coal

9.Which continent’s several countries were affected and hit by the storm ‘Ciara’?
  • AEurope
  • BAsia
  • CNorth America
  • DAustralia


10.On which date is Valentine’s day celebrated?
  • AFebruary 12
  • BFebruary 13
  • CFebruary 14
  • DFebruary 15

AnswerFebruary 14

11.What is the actual reason behind celebrating Valentine’s Day?
  • ASt. Valentine’s Death Anniversary
  • BSt. Valentine’s Birth Anniversary
  • CBeginning of the Roman and Christian solider’s marriage
  • DExplaining the importance of Love

AnswerSt. Valentine’s Death Anniversary

12.What are the symbols of Valentine’s Day?
  • APractice of sending love messages
  • BPractice of sending peace messages
  • CPractice of meeting & greeting people
  • DPractice of call for battle

AnswerPractice of sending love messages

13.Who was the famous Saint to believe and spread the importance of love?
  • ASt. Dominic de Guzman
  • BSt. Thomas Aquinas
  • CPope St. John Paul II, the Great
  • DSt. Valentine

AnswerSt. Valentine