Important Sports GK Quiz 2020 – Solve Sports Question with Solution

Important Sports GK Quiz 2020 For All central & state level entrance exam. Candidates can solve many other questions also from the GK Exam Quiz 2020 available at Rattu Tota app or at our website

1.Which cricket team has won the 2017 Vijay Hazare Trophy?
  • AKarnataka
  • BGujarat
  • CJharkhand
  • DTamil Nadu

AnswerTamil Nadu

2.Who was the first Indian in independent India to have won a medal in an individual Olympic event ?
  • ADhyanchand
  • BK D Jadhav
  • CPrithipal Singh
  • DHarishchandra Birajdar

AnswerK D Jadhav

3.The 2017 National Sports Day (NSD) is celebrated on which day in India?
  • AAugust 28
  • BAugust 29
  • CAugust 26
  • DAugust 27

AnswerAugust 29

4.What does the Olympic Flame symbolize?
  • Azeal to play sports
  • BChallenge
  • CContinuity
  • DIntegrity


5.The sporting event “Singapore Open” is related to which among the above?
  • ABadminton
  • BBowling
  • CGolf
  • DTable Tennis

AnswerD [1, 2, 3 & 4]

6.Which among the following is the women’s equivalent of the Davis Cup?
  • AHopman Cup
  • BFed Cup
  • CBMW Open
  • DMillrose Cup

AnswerB [Fed Cup]

7.The terms Volley, Smash, Service are related to which among the following sports?
  • AVolleyball
  • BLawn Tennis
  • CTable Tennis
  • DBadminton

AnswerB [Lawn Tennis]

8.Sandy storm” is the autobiography of which among the following veteran cricketers?
  • ADilip Vengsarkar
  • BMohinder Amarnath
  • CSandeep Patil
  • DRoger Binny

AnswerC [Sandeep Patil]

9.The name of S Vijayalakshmi is famous in which among the following games / sports?
  • ABadminton
  • BTable Tennis
  • CChess
  • DHockey


10.The famous football player Maradona belongs to which among the following countries?
  • ABrazil
  • BChile
  • CArgentina
  • DItaly


11.“Electra Gold Cup” is associated with which sports?
  • ALawn Tennis
  • BTable Tennis
  • CBadminton
  • DFootball

AnswerB [Table Tennis]

12.“Omega Mission Hills World Cup” is related to which game?
  • ATennis
  • BGolf
  • CHockey
  • DPolo


13.The term “Tee” is used commonly in which among the following sports?
  • ATennis
  • BPolo
  • CGolf
  • DRacing

AnswerC [Golf]

14.Thomas Cup is related to which among the following sports?
  • ATable Tennis
  • BLawn Tennis
  • CBadminton
  • DGolf

AnswerC [Badminton]

15.Ryder cup is related to which sports?
  • APolo
  • BGolf
  • CTennis
  • DLawn Tennis


16.Who among the following has written the book “Cricket My Style”?
  • ASunil Gavaskar
  • BAnil Kumble
  • CKapil Dev
  • DNone of them

AnswerKapil Dev

17.Which among the following tides (as they are called) from the surf and winds?
  • AStorm tides
  • BRip tides
  • CNeap tides
  • DTsunami

AnswerB [Rip tides]

18.Which among the following is the National Sports of USA?
  • ABowling
  • BBaseball
  • CTable Tennis
  • DRugby