Today 23 Feb 2020 Current Affairs

We are back with another chapter of today's current affairs quiz 2020 only on Sarkari result exams. So, if you were waiting for our quiz to play and enhance your everyday knowledge, we are here. And you can play our 10 multiple choice questions and check how many you know are right. So, let's play the current affair 22nd feb 2020.

1.The contribution of the Central and State government and the fines charged from defaulting pesticides companies corpus together raised how much dedicated fund under the Pesticides Management Bill, 2020?
  • A50,000 Crore
  • B100,000 Crore
  • C20,000 Crore
  • D10,000 Crore

Answer50,000 Crore

2.Which all three items are not considered under GST as of February 2020?
  • AFuel, Tobacco, Alcohol
  • BFuel, Movie Tickets, Alcohol
  • CFuel, Alcohol, Construction
  • DFuel, Dairy Products,Tobacco

AnswerFuel, Alcohol, Construction

3.How much more value of inter-state goods movement comes under the GST regime of E-Way billing system?
  • A250,000
  • B50,000
  • C200,000
  • D100,000


4.What is the highest income tax slab announced in India after the Budget 2020-21 passed?
  • A30%
  • B35%
  • C25%
  • D40%


5.A paramilitary sufi group named Ahlu Sunna Waljama is fighting for which country in the Civil War with the radical islamist group?
  • ASyria
  • BSouth Sudan
  • CSudan
  • DSomalia


6.Which country has announced recently, in trends ‘Operation Car Wash’?
  • ASouth Africa
  • BBrazil
  • CRussia
  • DArgentina


7.What is the name of the political party where Ashraf Ghani was re-elected in the Afghanistan Presidential elections?
  • ANational Congress Party of Afghanistan
  • BNational Coalition of Afghanistan
  • CHezb-e Islami Gulbuddin
  • DNone of the above

AnswerNone of the above

8.Which industry is related to the very trendy term ' - the ‘Key Starting Material (KSM)’?
  • ACement Industry
  • BPaper Industry
  • CPharmaceuticals Industry
  • DTextile Industry

AnswerPharmaceuticals Industry

9.The recent expression of interest (EoI) for the beleaguered Jet Airways as a Far East Development Fund has been raised by which country?
  • AGermany
  • BRussia
  • CFrance
  • DEngland


10.A recent ‘Framework for Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence’ has been recently proposed by which Supranational union?
  • AArab League
  • BGulf Cooperation Council
  • CAssociation of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)
  • DEuropean Union

AnswerEuropean Union