Important Computer Questions For Rajasthan Patwari Exam 2020 Check Here

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1.Which among the following options is a valid file extension for MS Word file?
  • A.jpeg
  • B.doc
  • C.png
  • D.exe


2.Which is the following is not an option in clipboard?
  • ACopy
  • BPaste
  • CPage setup
  • DFormat Painter

AnswerPage setup

3.MS PowerPoint is software of _
  • AAndroid
  • BMicrosoft
  • CGoogle
  • DYahoo


4.A device that is connected to the motherboard is
  • ACalled an external device
  • BCalled an adjunct device
  • CCalled an peripheral device
  • DMust connect using ribbon cable

AnswerMust connect using ribbon cable

5.Application are often referred to as
  • AData files
  • BExecutable file
  • CSystem software
  • DThe operating system

AnswerThe operating system

6.“ISDN”‘ stand For :
  • AInternational standard digital network
  • B Integrated service data network
  • C International service digital network
  • DInternational service data network

AnswerInternational service data network

7.What menu is selected to cut , copy, and paste ?
  • AFile
  • BEdit
  • CTools
  • DTable


8.What is the main folder of an storage device called ?
  • APlat form
  • BInterface
  • CRoot directory
  • DHome page

AnswerRoot directory

9.Which is the a graphical representation of an application?
  • AWindows 95
  • BWindows Explorer
  • CIcon
  • D Taskbar


10.Arial, Cambria, Verdana, Times New Roman are the name of ______.
  • AText
  • BFont face
  • CHighlights
  • DAlignment

AnswerFont face

11.Which of the following operating system use command line interface ?
  • AMac OS X
  • CWindows 7
  • DMs DOS

AnswerMs DOS

12.In VLSI integrated circuit technology, VLSI stands for :
  • AVery low security information
  • BVery large scale integration
  • CVery large scale information
  • DVery low scale information

AnswerVery large scale integration

13.Which of the following is not a version of the windows operating system software for the PC ?
  • AME
  • B98
  • CLinux
  • DXP


14.Which of the following is not an example of application software ?
  • AWord processing software
  • BSpreadsheet software
  • COperating system software
  • DGraphics software

AnswerOperating system software

15.Which of the following is not true about RAM?
  • ARAM is the same as hard disk storage
  • BRAM is a temporary storage
  • CRAM is volatile
  • DRam is a primary memory

AnswerRAM is the same as hard disk storage

16.= sum (B1 B0) is an example of a
  • AFunction
  • BCell address
  • CFormula
  • DValue


17.Usually, installation files have the extension……
  • A.jpeg
  • B.gif
  • C.doc
  • D .exe

Answer .exe

18.Which of the following will you consider as most secure?
  • ALogin phrase
  • BLogin numeral
  • CPassword
  • DOne time password

AnswerOne time password

19.In a microcomputer system , the CPU is contained on a single chip called the
  • AROM
  • BControl unit
  • CMicroprocessor
  • DSemiconductors


20.Which of the following is an electronic or paper log used to track computer activity?
  • AWeblog
  • BTrace route
  • CMonitor
  • DAudit trail

AnswerAudit trail

21.Which Virus Gets Executed When PC Turn On?
  • AMacro
  • BFile Infector
  • CBoot Sector
  • DSalami Shaving

AnswerBoot Sector

22.Which is the Correct Format of Email Address?
  • Aname@website@info

23.What is the Printing Speed of Big Laser Printer?
  • A150 Page
  • B200 Page
  • C250 Page
  • D300 Page

Answer150 Page

24.What is the Output of the Following?
  • AHard Copy
  • BSoft Copy
  • CDuplicate Copy
  • DOn Paper

AnswerSoft Copy

25.SEO का मतलब _________ है ?
  • ASearch Engine Operation
  • BSaerch Entry Optimization
  • CSearch Engine Optimization
  • DNone of these

AnswerSearch Engine Optimization