Today 24 Feb 2020 Current Affairs

Let’s learn more and more and serve our nation with your expertise. Solve our everyday current affairs quiz 2020 on Sarkariresultexams. Answer correctly the questions by choosing the right option from the multiple choice answer. So, without wasting a moment, start with today's current affairs quiz 24th Feb 2020 now.

1.Which multilateral development bank issued the “Pandemic Bonds”?
  • AAsian Infrastructure Investment Bank
  • BAsian Development Bank
  • CWorld Bank
  • DEuropean Investment Bank

AnswerWorld Bank

2.In which country is the Shanidar Cave, a famous hotspot for Neanderthal remains?
  • ATajikistan
  • BSyria
  • CEgypt
  • DIraq


3.The lithium-ion batteries used in mobile phones and electric vehicles containing Cobalt used in cathodes are mainly supplied by which country?
  • ASudan
  • BKazakhstan
  • CDemocratic Republic of Congo (DRC)
  • DChina

AnswerDemocratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

4.How many telecom companies are there in India currently (2020)?
  • A4
  • B8
  • C6
  • D10


5.Who is the biggest supplier of palm oil, which country is its importer?
  • ASaudi Arabia
  • BIndia
  • CRussia
  • DChina


6.Reportedly which among the below Economic Census is underway in India?
  • A7th
  • B6th
  • C8th
  • D5th


7.A person can only be considered as a usual resident who has resided in a local area for how many months/years stated as National Population Register (NPR)?
  • A18 months
  • B2 years
  • C6 months
  • D1 year

Answer6 months

8.In order to advise ministries, departments and public sector undertakings (PSUs) who has recently become the head of the 12 member 'Technology Group’ on technology implementation?
  • ADr. K Vijay Raghavan
  • BBhaskar Saha
  • CDr. R. Chidambaram
  • DRishikesh Narayanan

AnswerDr. K Vijay Raghavan

9.Which country promises to eradicate Hepatitis C in 2020 which holds the highest rate of this disease in the world?
  • AIndia
  • BEgypt
  • CChina
  • DSaudi Arabia


10.A recent bill -’Time Bound Clearance Act’ which ensures time-bound clearance of the industrial license for investment projects has been passed by which state cabinet of India?
  • AMadhya Pradesh
  • BGujarat
  • CRajasthan
  • DHaryana

AnswerMadhya Pradesh

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D