Important Geography Quiz 2020 – Top Geography Question & Solution Free

Important Geography Question with Answer 2020. Solve Quiz for Geography Subject and learn many facts for all types of exams. You can also check other quizzes also our website sarkari result exams and Rattu Tota mobile app.

1.Hemis National Park is located in
  • A Shimla
  • BNainital
  • CLadakh
  • DKashmir


2.Sitanadi Sanctuary' is situated in which district of Chhattisgarh State?
  • AMahasamund
  • BDhamtari
  • CDantewada
  • DBilaspur


3.In which district of Chhattisgarh State, Garnet mineral is available?
  • AGariyaband
  • BGariyaband and Jashpur
  • CGariyaband and Balodabazar
  • DDhamtari and Gariyaband

AnswerGariyaband and Jashpur

4.Nadapalli cave is located at
  • ANarayanpur District
  • BDantewada District
  • CSukma District
  • DBijapur District

AnswerBijapur District

5.Which irrigation project is not built on Mahanadi?
  • ASaradih Barrage
  • BBasantpur Barrage
  • CMirauni Barrage
  • DMinimata Bango Project

AnswerMinimata Bango Project

6.What is the rank of Chhattisgarh State in India as per forest area?
  • AFirst
  • BSecond
  • CThird
  • DFourth


7.Which mineral production occurs in Jhipan-Karhi?
  • ABauxite
  • BCoal
  • CLimestone
  • DIron ore


8.Which of the following is related to the Vindhyan range?
  • AKaimur
  • BRajpipla
  • CMahadeo
  • DMikir


9.Which state of India has the longest mainland coastline?
  • AGujarat
  • BOdisha
  • CKerala
  • DMaharashtra


10.Which of the following is the highest mountain peak in Maharashtra?
  • AKalsubai Shikhar
  • BAnjaneri
  • CSalher
  • DTaramati

AnswerKalsubai Shikhar