Syllabus or Exam Patterns for All Govt Jobs & Exams

Understanding the importance of syllabus for success in exams

Whether you are going to appear for SSC exam or for a Government job exam the syllabus or exam pattern which is also known as the course curriculum is of utmost importance. This is the first thing that you need to know when you start preparing for an examination. This will give you a clear idea about the exam pattern.

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Understanding the contents of latest Competitive exam syllabus:

The curriculum which has a summary of the topics is prepared by the board or professor who is in charge of the quality of the course. One of the most important things will be the subjects and the reading material for the same. For example, if you intend to appear for any competitive exam or any other exam then you have to find out what are the subjects that are to be covered. Let us take one of the easiest examples and that is SSC exams. In the SSC Exam Syllabus, there will be different subjects like languages, history and civics, geography, science, mathematics etc. The reading material will include the textbooks and workbooks etc. For certain subjects, there will be oral as well as written exams. So the student needs to find out the curriculum for both these exams.

Once you are aware of the contents and reading material the next thing is to determine the marks that are allocated to each subject. The student has to take into consideration different aspects like knowing the marks weight-age, exam duration, number of questions for each and every subject. From the marks allocation, the student will get a fair idea about which topics are more important and he can give more time to these topics. From the number of questions and exam duration, the candidate will get a reasonable idea about time management while writing the exam. The candidate has to focus on these aspects if he wants to complete the paper in time and also score more marks.

 A look at the features of a good curriculum for exam pattern:

Whether it is Competitive Exam Syllabus or any other exam there are some basic features that every curriculum will have. It will be designed keeping the target group in mind. The target audience will be the student who is going to appear for that particular exam. The curriculum will give the details about the exact aim and objective of the course. For example in the UPSC Exam Syllabus for prelims, there will be objective type of questions. The focus will be more on general awareness. The UPSC mains will have comprehensive course contents with 9 theory papers. The curriculum will define the role of the learner as well as the teacher. It will also give a clear indication of the evaluation pattern of the course.

Key things that the students need to remember about the latest exam syllabus:

Whether you are going to appear for central government, state government exams or need the SSC Exam Syllabus there are some key things that you need to keep in mind. You have to get the correct details about all the text books and other course material that you will require. Sometimes you will find that certain textbooks may be recommended but it may not be necessary to buy them. So you first need to find out which material you need to own and which material you only need as reference. The books that you need only for reference can be obtained online or from the library of the school, college or university. In the case of candidates who are appearing for government jobs can get the study material for the Syllabus for All Govt Jobs from candidates who have appeared for the exams before. But when you are doing this remember that you need to check updated exam syllabus. If you follow the old curriculum by mistake then you can land in deep trouble.

Study skill tips to use the syllabi to crack different exam pattern:

Suppose a candidate is appearing for a government exam and he or she gets the Competitive government exam syllabus then the next thing is to make sure that you use this in the right way. You have to prepare a time table in order to ensure that you finish studying the different subjects in time. For this you need to prepare a list of the daily tasks that you will have to perform. If there is project work in the curriculum then you have to ensure that you plan and finish the project work in time. You also need to allocate time to revise the subjects so that you are well prepared for the exams. But for all this Download Syllabus and Test Pattern Details that are correct.

How to download the latest PSC Exam Syllabus and all other exam curriculum:

Now the question is how to get the latest curriculum for different exams. This information you can get in the paper format. For NET, CTET, Bank, CAT, IAS and other exams, many students enrol for classes. They can get the details of the course from the classes that they are attending. But there will be many other students who will depend on self-study and will not attend any classes. These students can easily get all the details online. All that they need to do is ensure that they log into a reliable website that gives the correct information about the course contents for different exams.

The procedure for downloading the latest Exam Syllabus for UPSC, SSC, Bank, Railway, PSC, Police, psu:

One of the easiest and one of the fastest ways to get Central Government Exam Syllabus, State Government Exam Syllabus and all other competitive bank exam pattern details is by registering with the website Here are the steps that you need to follow:

  • Go to the website
  • Register on this website
  • Now click on the appropriate tab that is “Syllabus”
  • When you click on this tab it will take you to the page from where you can download Exam Pattern for All India Govt Exams and all other exams.

For example, if you are intending to appear for a bank exam then you must click on the tab Bank Exam Syllabus. This will take you to the page from where you can download the course summary of different competitive bank exams. If you are going to appear for the probationary officer exam, then you need to click on that option and download the details. Similarly, you can get the course details for clerk exam, specialist officers, junior officers etc. Similarly, you can download the details of Railway Exam Syllabus, Police Exam Syllabus and any other competitive exam.

Appearing for any competitive exam involves lots of preparation. The first mandatory step in this is to get the complete details about the course contents, paper pattern, allocation of marks etc. With the help of website like you can easily get all the latest information which will make it easier for you to appear for the competitive exam.

Right from the time we enrol in school to the time we appear for University exams and competitive exams there is one thing that we ought to know before we start preparing for the course and that is the details about the course. Whether it is SSC exam or bank exam or any other competitive public exam you can now easily get the details of the curriculum online.  The website mainly aims at making the life of candidates who are appearing for the different competitive exams a lot easier. This is your one-stop destination from where you can get all the latest information about upcoming competitive exams and you can also download all the details about the course from here.

If you want to pass the competitive exam with flying colours then it is important that you understand the curriculum of the course properly. Only then you will be able to prepare for the exams in the right way. Only then you will know about the study material that you need to have and about the pattern of the exam as well as the marks distribution.

If you are planning to appear for any competitive exam this year then the first thing that you need to do is sign up with This is the first step that you must take. Now from here, you can get all the details about the course contents of almost any competitive exam in India right from SSC exam to UPSC exams.


What is syllabus?

This is an academic document and this document gives complete information about a particular course. You can call it a contract between the faculty and the student but you cannot call it a enforced contract. It will be prepared by the exam board. It may also be prepared by the teacher or professor who is in charge of the course. The different components of the syllabus are instructor information, information about the course contents, the objective of the course, policies of course, grading and assessment of the course, learning resources that is study material etc and course calendar.

The following information is normally included:

  • Details about the instructor which includes his qualification, contact information etc.
  • Course description which explains the details about the course
  • Details about the course material which includes course material, computer software etc
  • The learning goals which will describe how the course will be useful to the student and what they can achieve at the end of the course
  • University policies which will include details like academic honesty, plagiarism etc.
  • Grading policies which will give the details about the distribution of the points and the corresponding grades
  • Description about the assignments
  • Details about type of communication on discussion board
  • The schedule of the course which will include assignments and project due dates.
  • Technical requirements that give details about the technology needed to download the course material.
  • Technology support which gives details about whom the students must contact in case they face any technical issues

Where I can get the latest and updated syllabus for all govt jobs?

If you want to apply for latest government job like state govt job or central govt job or railway jobs, bank jobs, police jobs etc then they need to appear for entrance exams. Now every entrance exam will have a particular syllabus. It is important that the candidate has a fair idea about the syllabus so that he can prepare for the exam accordingly. You can get the syllabus in paper format as well as online. But it is of utmost importance that you get the latest and updated syllabus because outdated or wrong information will affect your preparation for the competitive exam.

One of the best ways of getting all the correct details about syllabus of different competitive exams is by logging onto the portal Here you will get the latest syllabus of all the competitive exams. You simply need to click on the right tab and download all the correct details in the PDF format. You will get the complete details of the syllabus as well as the examination pattern of the current year. This will give the candidate a fair idea about allocation of marks, exam time etc.

What is the importance of syllabus?

From the syllabus the students get an idea about the course. It helps the student understand what the course will be like. It is kind of contract between the instructor and the student. When a student opts for a course it means he or she is in agreement of the terms and conditions of the contract. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that all these terms and conditions are very clear. It gives an idea about the expectations that the course has from the students. This syllabus creates an impression on the students and they get a better understanding of how will be the exam pattern for govt job exam.