Important GK Quiz 2020 For All Exams – Top General Knowledge Questions From Last Year

Important GK Quiz 2020 for All Bank Exams. Candidates can the most common questions framed for GK subject from Rattu Tota mobile app or from our website sarkari result exams. You can also check Hindi Quiz, Patwari Quiz, etc.

1.Which among the following film has won the 92nd Academy (Oscar) award as the best film?


2.Which was the first private sector bank in India?
  • ACatholic Syrian Bank
  • BCity Union Bank
  • CNedungadi Bank
  • DNainital Bank

AnswerNedungadi Bank

NotesIt was established in 1899 in Kerala. It was taken over by Punjab National Bank in the year 2003.

3.Indian origin Arvind Krishna recently appointed as CEO of which of the following company?
  • ADell
  • BAdobe
  • CIBM
  • DIntel


4.Rani Rampal has won the World Games Athlete of the Year award for 2019. She is associated with which of the following sports?
  • ATennis
  • BBadminton
  • CHockey
  • DCricket


5.Who among the following has won Australian Open Men’s Singles title 2020?
  • ARoger Federer
  • BNovak Djokovic
  • CDominic Thiem
  • DRafael Nadal

AnswerNovak Djokovic

6.Who was the chief guest of 71st Republic Day?
  • AShinzo Abe
  • BEmmanuel Macron
  • CJair Bolsonaro
  • DVladimir Putin

AnswerJair Bolsonaro

NotesThe chief guest this year was Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro

7.Who among the following sports personalities has been awarded Padma Vibhushan for the year 2020?
  • AVirat Kohli
  • B P V Sindhu
  • CRohit Sharma
  • DM. C. Mary Kom

AnswerM. C. Mary Kom

8.Who amon the following Cricketer has been chosen for ICC ODI Cricketer of the Year for 2019?
  • AVirat Kohli
  • BBen Stokes
  • CRohit Sharma
  • DDeepak Chahar

AnswerRohit Sharma

9.If it is said that students of class VII are not able to read and write, what could be the most important reason for this situation?
  • ALess intelligent children
  • BCarelessness of parents
  • CNo detention policy
  • DInsensitive implementation of CCE

AnswerNo detention policy

10.In Educational technology, application of psychology is known as
  • ASoftware approach
  • BHardware approach
  • CPedagogic approach
  • DSystems analysis

AnswerSoftware approach

11.Moral values can be best inculcated amongst students by -
  • AArranging lectures of eminent persons
  • BCo-curricular activities
  • CRelevant literature
  • DTeacher as a role model

AnswerTeacher as a role model

12.Operation Black Board was initiated as a follow up of recommendations of
  • ANPE 1986
  • CKothari Commission (1964- 66)
  • DNational Curriculum for Elementary and Secondary Education - A Framework 1988

AnswerNPE 1986

13.In the modern era of fast technological advancement, what could be its most serious side effect?
  • ARole of teachers would vanish
  • BClass-rooms would become smart
  • CLearning would become easier
  • DMoral values would get eroded

AnswerMoral values would get eroded

14.Teacher should begin a new topic or lesson with -
  • ATeacher's own experiences
  • BSome interests already possessed by students
  • CAn overview of the subject
  • DExplaining the importance of the subject

AnswerSome interests already possessed by students

15.Which measure of central tendency represents a point and not a value?
  • AMean
  • BMedian
  • CMode
  • DAverage


16.If the students are classified on the basis of intelligence level, the average group will comprise of middle
  • A33.33 per cent
  • B40.00 per cent
  • C50.00 per cent
  • D68.26 per cent

Answer68.26 per cent

17.A good Head of School is one who
  • AUnderstands educational administration and applies its principles in Toto
  • BDoes not compromise with misconduct
  • CIs flexible in approach and works cooperatively with human touch
  • DAllows freedom to teachers and students in their affairs

AnswerIs flexible in approach and works cooperatively with human touch

18.Minimum Support Price for wheat for the marketing season 2020-21 has been fixed .......... per quintal.
  • ARs. 1925
  • BRs. 1975
  • CRs. 2055
  • DRs. 2105

AnswerRs. 1925

NotesThe absolute increase in MSP for wheat is Rs. 85 per quintal for marketing season 2020-21.

19.The term Seingnorage refers to -
  • AIntrinsic value of currency notes less the cost of production
  • BCost of production of currency notes less intrinsic value
  • CDomestic currency value less foreign currency value
  • D Inflation adjusted currency value

AnswerIntrinsic value of currency notes less the cost of production

NotesFor very low-value currencies the 'Seingnorage' amount can be negative. In such situations, the central bank (Currency issuing authority) usually discontinues fresh issuance of that denomination (currency).

20.Husband and wife jointly borrowed a home loan in the ratio of 50 : 50. Wife enjoys full ownership of the house. Each can avail income tax rebate in the ratio of
  • AOwnership
  • BBorrowing
  • CAny one, at the borrower's discretion
  • DThe respective assessee's income